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“Auto Wreckers” is actually a confusing word. When you hear about auto wreckers, you might think of the persons or machines, which would wreck or destroy your vehicle. But the reality is rather different. Yes, they do disassemble the vehicle and take out the parts. However, that’s primarily for reusing the good auto parts. Auto wreckers companies take the cars involved in a crash or the inoperable vehicle in the junkyard and try to make good use out of it. However, while dealing with the crashed and accidental cars, not all the parts are reusable. In that condition, the car wreckers crush those vehicles and use it as a scrap metal. The metallic parts of the automobiles are also recycled to be used in the new ones. Maitland Cash for Cars is one of such companies, which provides auto scrapping and auto-wrecking services in New South Wales.

Auto Wreckers in Sydney, Maitland, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Region

Car accidents are gruesome. It not only injures the drivers, passengers, and sometimes pedestrians but also wreck and damages your car to a great extent. Even after the horrific accident, you may consider using your beloved automobile. But the problem is accidental vehicles will set you back huge money to get it repaired and to make it fully functional.

Since most of the vehicle gets damaged in the accidents, repairing and maintenance are not feasible in most cases. So what I do with my wrecked accidental car? That might have that question floating in your head. And the answer is really simple – giving it to the auto wreckers.

Maitland Cash for Cars is one of such auto wreckers in Australia providing its services in Sydney, Maitland, Newcastle, Wollongong Area, Bondi, Hunter Region, and the most suburbs of New South Wales NSW.

Most of the customers we get to come to us for our car-wrecking service. But our service is not limited to cars. Since we are full-fledged auto wreckers, you can also get jeep wreckers, SUV wreckers, van wreckers, 4×4 wreckers, 4WD wreckers, and truck wreckers service from us.

The Reliable Car Wreckers near You

So NSW dwellers, if you are looking for reliable car wreckers near you, that would be us. We have been working in this field for over a decade now. Providing simple, quick, and hassle-free car-wrecking service is what we are good at.  And to ascertain that, we have a pool of proficient workers, who work around the clock to provide the service in the most convenient way.

If you have a wrecked car you want to get rid of, you can always remember us. We not take away your damaged and accidental vehicle, but also provide noteworthy cash in return. We are quite generous in this field and pay for your vehicle with an open heart. That’s why our service is lucrative than all of our competitors out there.

The payment amount goes all the way up to $9999. And what’s even exciting is that we pay the whole amount instantly on the spot. So if you ever feel strapped for cash, you can hand over your wrecked car to us and earn a great deal of money in a jiffy.

Also, while working with us, you don’t have to worry about the age, model, brand, and condition of your vehicle. Be it a 1990s model or the one from 2019, we still take your vehicle. Similarly, we are not picky even if you have completely destroyed, damaged, old, accidental, wrecked, junk or scrap cars. Likewise, we are impartial about the brands.

Japanese Car Wreckers – Toyota, Honda, Holden, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan

At our junkyard, we accept cars of all sorts of brands. Be it German, Australian or American, we treat all the vehicles in the same way. Since Japanese vehicles are getting immensely popular in Australia, many people ask if we really take Japanese cars in our salvage yard. And the answer is yes.

We accept all kinds of Japanese cars. We have various auto-wrecking specialists. There are dedicated Toyota wreckers, Ford wreckers, Holden wreckers, Mazda wreckers, Nissan wreckers, Subaru wreckers, Mitsubishi wreckers, BMW wreckers, Honda wreckers, Hyundai wreckers, Hilux wreckers, Mercedes wreckers, and Suzuki wreckers, who takes apart your vehicle’s parts of reuse and recycle in the safest and eco-friendly way.

Get in Touch with Us

Our service is simple, quick, and hassle-free. And so are the ways to contact us. Give us a call at 0249622227 or send us an email on info@maitlandcashforcars.com.au, we will get back to you as soon as possible.